Monday, June 3, 2013

How to Dominate the Entire First Page of Google

Companies, tech, news ... it's all good isn't it?

One hot topic of conversation is Facebook and Twitter, Inc.. Let's see shall we?
- As Anti-Government Protests Erupt In Istanbul, Facebook And Twitter Appear Suddenly Throttled from

What else do we have? Well, there's Google and Twitter, Inc.:
- Tips for Analyzing The Impact Of Your Marketing Activities In Google Analytics from
- Online Marketing News: Video Trends Map, Content Recommendation Engine & New Google+ Layout from
- Google's Penguin - Beginning to Flex its Muscles from

Google+ and YouTube, LLC were brought up a lot too:
- How to Dominate the Entire First Page of Google - "Note how the Home Depot is utilizing sitelinks and how much additional real estate they gain. Also keep in mind that both retailers could be combining more extensions from the above list. Google+ Brands that have verified Google+ accounts can capture side rail real estate for brand terms by utilizing rel="publisher"" - said

Let's finish up with a look at Search engine optimization and Web search engine.
- 7 Steps to SEO at Scale: How to Ramp Up Your Search Engine Optimization Strategy - "Each of those attempts represents buyers looking for solutions at the moment of need. Online marketers that take advantage of modern, scalable search engine optimization best practices as part of their overall digital marketing mix can gain a significant advantage over competitors to become "the best answer" when it matters most. Understanding the basics of search engine optimization can be challenging given how often major search engines update and change the rules" - said